ROSE RAMBLER 23rd March, 2023 (2023)

Hello Dear Rose Friends,

Just before the Rose Rambler was posted to you last week, we received Order No. 28700 so we celebrated this amazing milestone since it’s just over 10 years since we started our online store. Each time the order number clicks over to another hundred, we revel in knowing that by posting our magnificent roses around Australia, we’ve contributed to happiness in your garden!

What an awesome experience it was to share with the beautiful gardeners who visited Kerang Garden Club earlier this week … thank you to all who attended our presentation and we hope to be up in your area again very soon so stay posted to this newsletter …


“I have just ordered your special: Climbing Bathsheba and climbing Teasing Georgia. I just wanted to say that I bought three Bathsheba late last year and a Sharifa Asma and they have been amazing. They bloom continually and are not affected by the heat, not that we get much more than 28 c in summer up on the Northern tablelands of NSW.

I have recommended you as a rose supplier to many of my friends and looking forward to seeing your bare rooted roses for this year.

Many, many thanks for truly amazing roses which arrive as if you lived next door ? Jackie”


“Thank you very much. The rose has been delivered and my friend says it’s absolutely beautiful. She’s recently lost her husband and it’s going to take pride of place on her balcony.The whole process has been handled so smoothly. Regards, Ann”

A giggle for you ...

Q:How do you fix a broken pumpkin?

A:With a pumpkin patch.

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Organic Rose Management Program email from Alan:

I recently purchased two roses from you but unfortunately one had black spot. This was very disappointing because I had hoped that it would be disease free. Despite this and acting upon an email from you I decided to try the eco fungicide method.

In the past I have been plagued with black spot and have been unable to eradicate it.

I sprayed the two roses I purchased from you as well as a number of others which have always had black spot. The result using the eco fungicide has been truly astonishing. After spraying there seemed to have a flush of yellowing leaves. After I removed these I sprayed once again and the second time round I have a much smaller collection of yellow leaves. Today after approximately four weeks and repeated spraying my roses are now black spot free.

I find this to be truly amazing!!!

As an afterthought, I also use olive oil as my eco oil so I hope when the aphids come again I will have something just as effective as Eco fungicide.

My roses truly look a picture and are a pleasure to see.

My thanks again - Alan


By way of explanation, I responded to Alan with this email and I think many of our readers will find this very interesting too …

Thanks Alan … I guess the question remains, “why does one rose get black spot so easily, when another doesn’t?” … we obviously posted two different roses and due to the stress of transit or perhaps lack of fertilizer or just because one of the roses is more susceptible to black spot, you got one clean and one with spots – despite our very best organic growing efforts, it can happen – sorry!

Before our roses are posted, in most instances they get washed down with our organic rose management program which contains Eco Fungicide, Eco Oil and Eco Seaweed … we maintain a rigid fertilizer program so most roses are well-fed always! (Because our pots are usually hand-watered every day, fertilizer is readily leached from the potting media so we’re always fertilizing – either pellets (usually organic but sometimes synthetic) or organic fertilizer spray or pot drench) – there’s something happening at least once a fortnight.

Let’s talk about yellow leaves on your roses … this is usually due to lack of water however, can also occur if the roses are sopping wet! No, not a rose nurseryman’s excuse … it’s the truth!!! Watering roses is something we all have to MASTER because we all have different soil conditions and potting media! Just today in 37 degree heat, one raised garden bed required a much deeper soaking than another garden bed … in your home garden, just like in ours, you adapt watering to suit conditions.

I’m guessing that between the first time you sprayed Eco Fungicide and the second spray, you watered the roses – you may even have added some fertilizer and treated your roses to a drench of seaweed solution as I would definitely have suggested this …?

When you did the second application of Eco Fungicide, you successfully altered the pH on the foliage which meant fungus couldn’t survive and that’s the mastery of using such an effective and economical fungicide!

Rather than use Olive Oil in your spray program, may I suggest you purchase Eco-Oil … the eucalyptus, melaleuca and canola oil extracts in Eco-Oil will offer very effective insect control as well as making the Eco Fungicide and Eco Seaweed ‘stick’ to rose foliage. You won’t get that insect control with Olive Oil, that’s for certain!

There’s very good reason we’ve maintained our ORGANIC ROSE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM for more than 35 years – it works for our roses, it works for our environment and it works for us because we don’t have to ‘mask-up’ or be afraid of spraying our roses to have them be as beautiful as we grow them … organically, naturally!

As we move closer to winter, please know that your roses will naturally want to defoliate going into their winter dormancy and spraying with these great products won’t alter the fact that foliage will go yellow with black spots (in most cases), drop and wait until spring after you’ve winter-pruned to show lovely clean, lush foliage again.

I hope this is helpful to you – enjoying your roses in all their glory with clean foliage and lots of flowers is what we all wish to achieve and if/when they don’t perform, use the chop-water-feed method which we implement here – using sharp secateurs, cut at least 15cm stems (or more if the bush is not performing), deep soak water after a dose of fertilizer and turn your back on the rose.

Within weeks, the rose will be flowering – remember, roses are so forgiving and gracious in flowering continually over 9-months each year …

Best wishes and happiness in your rose garden …


A giggle for you ...

Q:What does a brain wear?

A:A thinking cap!

Since we’re encouraging planting during this magnificent autumn, here’s one more super-special buy to entice you to plant another two roses while the soil is warm and they’ll be well-established this spring flowering …

Thank you for continuing to read our Rose Rambler – if you ever wish to contribute something, please just email: and we’re sure to share your story!

ROSE RAMBLER 23rd March, 2023 (3)

Best wishes from us all at Silkies Rose Farm …

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