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Are you currently shopping for bridal shower gifts? Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a difference between bridal shower gifts and a wedding gift. We understand the etiquette around weddings and gifting can be confusing, and we want to help. So look no further because we’ve done our best to compile some information for you. In this article, we suggest some ideas for the perfect bridal shower gift that the bride to be (and even their future spouse) will love.

FAQs About Bridal Shower Gifts

Before we jump into our wedding shower gift ideas, let’s cover bridal shower gift etiquette and FAQ’s for bridal showers. And if you’re wondering what to expect at an upcoming bridal shower, check out our article on bridal showers here.

How Much Should You Spend on Bridal Shower Gifts?

If you are invited to the bridal shower, then you are likely their good friend or a relative. Shower gifts are typically less expensive than wedding gifts, and it’s important to note there are no set rules for giving a bridal shower gift. Many people spend $50-75, while closer friends and immediate family may spend around $100.

You should also consider other contributions you are making to the wedding. If you are hosting the bridal shower, throwing the bachelorette party, or providing nail, makeup, or hair services for the wedding day, don’t feel obligated to buy an expensive gift.

Keep your wedding gift budget in mind while shopping as well. Ultimately, the gift you give should be meaningful or useful to the bride, whether it costs $10 or $100.

Does the Bride Open Gifts at a Bridal Shower?

Most of the time, yes! Wedding presents aren’t traditionally opened at weddings, but bridal shower gifts are. Therefore, bring your gift with you. A portion of the shower will likely be dedicated to opening them.

However, it isn’t considered rude if the bride to be does not open gifts at their shower. Instead, they may opt to have guests bring their gifts wrapped in clear cellophane bags or not wrapped at all. This way, gifts can still be on display without the bride opening them.

Are Bridal Shower Gifts Just for the Bride?

Gifts certainly can be just for the bride, but they can also be for the couple. You can even opt to give a small gift to the bride and groom separately. This way, they each receive something they enjoy.

Should You Purchase Gifts for Both the Shower and Wedding?

If you are invited to both the wedding and bridal shower, then you should purchase a separate gift for each. Don’t forget, shower gifts are smaller and do not need to be expensive.

Do You Buy a Bridal Shower Gift if You Are Not Attending?

A gift is certainly not expected but would be greatly appreciated by the bride. Do what feels right for you and for your budget. And remember, you plan on spending money on a wedding gift as well.

A handwritten note with a gift card tucked inside is a great bridal shower gift idea if you are not able to attend. This way, the bride to be knows you wish you could have been there.

Can You Buy a Gift off of the Wedding Registry?

Yes! Buying a gift off of the wedding registry ensures the bride will love your choice. If you are closer to the bride, we recommend choosing a more personalized and unique gift.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Not all gifts need to have a personalized touch. However, the bride to be will likely cherish more personalized gifts. Regardless of whether or not you choose a sentimental gift, the best bridal shower gifts are those you put some thought and consideration into.

Custom Cutting Board

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For a bride or couple that loves to cook, a cutting board is a great way to show your love; personalize it with the couple’s initials–or even their last name and wedding date. This will be a sweet reminder for them every time they cook together.

Jewelry Dish

With their growing collection of fine jewelry, any bride could use a cute and safe place to keep their wedding ring. A personalized jewelry dish could be the perfect bridal shower gift.

Personalized Stationery

Stationery is a unique gift giving idea in an age where hand-written notes are rare. You can have stationery personalized with the name of the bride to be, or even the couple’s initials.

Aside from being a nice personal gift, stationery is also a practical gift. The couple can use it to send out bridal shower gift or wedding gift thank-you notes.

Monogrammed Luxury Bath Robe

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A bride deserves pampering. And there is almost nothing better than getting cozy in a big luxurious robe. A soft bathrobe is one of those unexpected, personalized bridal shower gifts someone doesn’t know they want until they have one.

Unique Luggage Tags

Whether the couple is going on a tour of Europe or a tropical honeymoon, a nice set of luggage tags is always helpful. Tags that stand out and suit their personalities can make a unique bridal shower gift. They also make luggage easier to spot. You can buy tags in metallic gold or vegan leather, and some even have a fun vintage vibe–the options are endless!

Beauty Box Subscription

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Beauty box subscriptions are very popular in recent years. They’re a great way to not only give a luxurious gift but also to continue the giving in the upcoming months when a bride needs it most. It makes sense because they’re likely stressed from wedding planning, and a beauty box showing up at their door might be exactly what they need.

Generational Bride Portrait

If you want to go more sentimental with your gift, or if you’re close with the bride and their family, a generational bride portrait might be the perfect gift for the bride.

These portraits often depict the bride in their dress, the mother of the bride in her dress, and sometimes even the grandmother in her dress. This can be an incredibly special bridal shower gift, especially if the bride is close to their mother and/or grandparents.You of course would have to wait until after the wedding for a picture of the bride in their dress. But until then, give them a wrapped picture frame with a note explaining your gift and its significance.

Personalized Candles

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There’s nothing like a good candle to cozy up a home. Candles are especially. nice gifts because you can have them personalized. Gift the bride to be a candle with a cute message on the label or the couple’s last name and wedding date. You could also have a candle sculpted into different shapes.

You could even find a candle scent that reminds you of the bride. For example, if you used to bond by the campfire or if they love the smell of fresh-cut grass, those personalized scents will remind them of you.

Vintage Cake Cutting Set

Another big part of the wedding day is when the couple cuts their cake together. Gifting the bride a vintage cake cutting set can be a wonderful way to help with the wedding day. It will also give them a beautiful kitchen accessory they’ll use on birthdays and holidays for years to come.

Personalized Heart Map

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A personalized heart map is another great bridal shower gift, especially for the traveling couple. If the couple met in a foreign place or if there’s a special place that is significant to them, a personalized heart map could be the perfect gift. It is both unique and thoughtful. If you can, make sure it matches the bride’s style or home decor–this way they can put it up immediately and enjoy it.

Housewarming Bundle

A housewarming bundle is a beautiful gift for any couple, especially if you know they will be moving into a new house after they get married. Additionally, housewarming bundles can be personalized, and you can include what you know the couple will use and love.

These bundles can include kitchen accessories, towels, oven mitts, linens, a candle, and much more! Housewarming bundles typically are always on the couple’s wedding registry because they include all the necessities! It can be fun to include things that you use and enjoy that you think they might like as well. This adds an extra touch of personalization to the basket.

A Bottle of Wine or Champagne

If the couple drinks, a nice bottle of wine or champagne is an excellent bridal shower gift idea. They can save it for their 1 year wedding anniversary, or pop it open for a date night.

Make this an even more thoughtful gift and include a gift box with a couple of special wine glasses or champagne flutes.

Special Earrings for the Big Day

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Finally, earrings are an essential part of the bride’s wedding day look. Earrings picked to match the bride’s wedding dress or wedding colors makes the moment more special! This gift would be most appropriate if you’re a close family member or even the bride’s best friend. It would also be appropriate if you know the bride’s style and the look they’re going for.

Diamond earrings are always a classy and elegant touch to any bride’s look. And giving them earrings on their big day can be an incredible gift for any bride to be.

With Clean Origin, gifting diamond earrings made with lab grown diamonds is both generous and beautiful. You will be sure to find a jewelry gift that complements all engagement rings. Additionally, this makes an ideal gift for a bride to be who cares about responsibly-sourced diamonds. Let us help you find the perfect pair for them.

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