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Do you make music using vocals? Are you trying to find vocals that you can add to your remix? Or are you just looking for original vocals that you can add to your own music? If so, you will be glad to know there are a wide variety of great resources for vocals, especially EDM vocals. Most of the EDM vocals cater specifically for remixes or original music. If you are looking to learn about EDM Vocal Packs and some of the best sites to download EDM Vocal Packs, then this guide will be of great help to you. In this guide, you will get to know the top sites to Download EDM Vocal Packs.

Best sites to download EDM Vocal Packs

EDM Vocal Packs are an extremely helpful tool for every musician or music producer out there as they allow them to turn a simple beat into a great-sounding track. EDM Vocal Packs contain tremendous vocals that you can use in your music and get the desired sound and lyrical tone that you are looking for. Further, they will also help provide a different dimension to your EDM track and provide variety as a listener.

There are numerous amazing websites where you can find EDM vocals that you can use for your tracks. All you need to know is where to look for these vocal packs. Here is an in-depth list of websites to find and download the best EDM Vocal Packs.

1. Voclio

Voctom is one of the few websites where you can easily license the EDM vocals directly from music artists. Music artists create and upload toplines, acapellas, and vocals that they can license to you for your own use. The best thing about Volcio is that the creators will be able to browse and purchase EDM acapellas exclusively or non-exclusively.

The option to purchase vocal samples and packs exclusively is certainly a huge advantage over many of the EDM vocal resources that focus primarily on vocal sample packs, which can also be purchased by thousands of other musicians and music producers. With Voclio, you will be able to make sure that you get something unique and original. Additionally, you can also find vocals from legit music artists like Mickey Siloh (written for starts such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, and more), Tara Louise (more than 20 million streams YouTube views), and several other mainstream artists.

2. Looperman

Looperman is a tremendous resources for EDM Vocal Packs. On this website, you will be able to find many vocals uploaded by music artists from all over the world. However, one potential downside to this website is that everyone is able to upload on the website so the quality of vocals might not be the best.

If you want to find great-sounding vocals, you are going to have to do some digging. Moreover, the singers who prefer uploading acapella keep all rights over their creation. This way, you will be able to use acapellas for non-commercial projects but if you are creating something else, you need to contact the artist. This means that the vocals can be easily downloaded for free but they might not be free.

3. Splice

If you have been producing music for any decent amount of time, then most likely you would have already heard of Splice. Splice is a monthly subscription that will give you access to thousands of royalty free loops and samples. You will be able to find many royalty free vocals amidst the large collection of vocal samples on offer. The only potential downside of using Splice for vocals will be that there aren't many full acapellas. Most of the vocals on splice are essentially phrases, one shots, or vocal chaps that are complex to piece together into a full song. However, you can still find some amazing EDM vocal packs on Splice.

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4. Function Loops

Function Loops is another great website where you can download countless really amazing EDM Vocal Packs. Many of them feature awesome vocal chops, one shots, and acapellas that you can use. These acapellas are high-quality and feature some talented vocalists. The vocal packs are available in a variety of tempos, so you can find the perfect fit for your track. Function Loops also offers a range of other samples and loops, so you can find everything you need to create a great EDM track in one place.

5. Producer Loops

If you're a Splice user, then you would have probably already used some samples from Producer Loops. Producer Loops is another great website for downloading EDM Vocal Packs. The website offers a wide selection of EDM vocal samples, including one-shots, hooks, and full acapellas. The vocal packs are available in a variety of tempos, so you can find the perfect fit for your track. Producer Loops offer a ton of exciting sample packs for many different EDM genres. It has a wide variety of vocal sample packs available for purchase that have many really great sounding vocals in them.

Best sites to download vocals for remixing

Here is a list of websites to get vocal loops if you are remixing a song. They include stems that you can further process and apply additional chains to make them sound different from the original song.

1. Skio Music

Skio Music is an exceptional music resources where you can find vocal stems for remixes. They have vocals available for purchase using credits or they typically feature a handful of remix competitions at any given time that you can enter. The tracks are available to remix and while they are typically lesser known, they are still high-quality.

2. Wavo

Wavo is another exceptional resource specifically for remixing vocals and beats. This website might not have quite as many remix options going on at any time, but the songs on offer for remix are typically more famous. Some of the most recent competitions have been songs from artists like Seeb, Galantis, and Tritional, just to name a few.

3. Beatport

Beatport is a tremendous resource for musicians, especially DJs and EDM producers. Beatport has a stems section where you will be able to purchase not just vocals but all the stems from a wide range of tracks. You can easily purchase stems for a few bucks. Most of the stems available are not actually famous songs but they are still great tracks available to remix.

4. Spinnin' Records

Spinnin' Records remix tracks are among the most coveted remix tracks created by musicians and EDM producers. A release by Spinnin' Records can launch your music career. Due to its reputation, Spinnin' Records have very strict competitions. Even if you aren't looking to win a competition, Spinnin' Records still has an amazing selection of tracks that are available for remixing.

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Spinnin' Records do not have a lot going at the same time and there aren't many remix tracks available but the patience will definitely be worth it as you'll find some amazing vocals and tracks for remixing. And who knows, maybe your remix might be so good that you might end up getting signed by Spinnin' Records.

5. Kreasound.com

Kreasound could be a hit or miss when it comes to the overall quality of tracks available for remixing. However, it still deserves to be checked out as you'll be able to find amazing vocals every now and then.

Best free EDM Vocal Sample Packs

As an EDM producer, finding high-quality sounds and vocals can be really challenging. Sometimes, it can be hard even if you are willing to spend a decent sum on presets and sounds for your productions. Imagine a world there you're able to find quality sounds for free. Here are some of the best free EDM Vocal Sample Packs that you can try using -

1. Bouncer by Ofive

If you're looking for catchy vocals or presets for Serum and Sylength 1 and samples and loops perfect for use on genres like EDM, trap, or future house, then this is the best option. Moreover, it is absolutely free.

It includes 25 presets for Serum and Sylenth 1, 60 Drums and Fills, and 15 Uplifters, Downlifters, and Reverses. All of these will be royalty-free. This free EDM sample pack is inspired by producers like Mike Williams, Brooks, Mesto, and more.

This pack is the free version of the Bigger Bouncer pack that includes +800 ready-to-use and high-quality sounds for your productions. You should create catchy and unique tracks using the right sounds.

2. Diablo House Sensation by Innovation Sounds

Diablo House Sensation from Innovation Sounds is an impressive collection of 120 sounds intended for building EDM and Electro Music. This sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments like Drums, Piano, Synth, Pluck, and Keys.

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This library has been inspired by top musicians, including Hardwell. The MIDI files are included as well, so you'll be able to rework all the elements to fit into any project. All sounds and samples will be licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productions or even for DJ/Remix purposes.

3. Odyssey by Cymatics

EDM has definitely proven its place in top genres of music, dominating the music scene for many years now. With many of the notable names of music in general, artists like Skrillex, Diplo, and Zedd are steadily making waves in the industry with their genre-bending and cutting-edge sound. Each sound inside has been designed carefully by experts to give you full control when choosing the vibe and direction of your next track.

4. STMPD by Ofive

In the past few years, a new EDM genre has become quite popular - modern bass house. EDM Producers like Julian Jordan, Seth Hills, TV Noise, Magnifience, Loopers, and more are the pioneers of this EDM genre and they have something in common. They all release on STMPD RCRDS - Martin Garrix' label.

STMPD is a free pack inspired by all the mentioned artists and it includes 60 Drums and Fulls, 10 Vocals, 25 One Shots, 55 Spire Presets, 30 FX, and 30 Serum Presets. If you are looking to create club bangers, then this is the pack for you.

5. EDM Vocals by HighLife Samples

This is yet another free product from HighLife Samples. This free sample pack consists of five vocal kits to use in the music productions 100% royalty-free. In this pack, you will find Dry + Wet vocals.

6. EDM Sample Pack by Slate Digital

Even though Slate Digital is primarily a plugin developer or physical audio products company, recently the company expanded and now it has started releasing sample packs as well. On this free EDM sample pack, you will find 500 sounds. From MIDI Progressions to drums and loops, effects, and vocal and tonal loops.

7. Future Raise by Ofive

Future Rave is among the most popular EDM genres these days. Many EDM producers are playing this genre on the main stage of big festivals like Ultra or Tomorrowland. This is a free Future Rave sample pack inspired by David Guetta and Morten, the pioneers of this genre. Everything in this pack will be 100% royalty-free.

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8. Deepstep by Kludde

Deepstep manages to blend multiple electronic genres that result in a collection that is a perfect match for anyone who is creating Garage, Dubstep, Techno, and other EDM genres. Full of textural future garage rhythms, electric synth melodies and chords, and shuffling tops, as well as a useful collection of strong drum shots and transitional sound effects to strengthen your arrangements. There will be something for everyone here.

9. Chroma by Stickz

Chrome will help you level up your production and workflow, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro. It is one of the sample packs that every EDM producer requires in their collection. It'll be like a basic EDM Pack that can be used in any EDM genre with all the magic of great sounds.

10. Anniversary Collection 8 by W.A. Production

The 10th Anniversary Collection 8 will bring you an impressive collection of some of the best sounds from the past and it'll be 100% free. This EDM pack contains a huge collection of samples, presets, construction kits, loops, MIDI, and more from a variety of EDM genres. Regardless of the genre you are into, you'll definitely find a lot of useful tools in this pack.

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