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10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (1)

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Published on 03/31/23

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10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (2)

Gossip Girl, the iconic show following a group of privileged students on the Upper East Side of New York City, is known for its drama and fashion. On the TV series, the clique of high school students regularly wore outfits created by some of the most popular designers, and whenever a couple tied the knot on screen, their nuptials saw no shortage of style. Specifically, Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) was a character who had not one but two weddings, and as the daughter of a fashion designer, her attire definitely made a splash at both events.

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (3)

For her first wedding, Blair was swept off her feet after meeting Prince Louis (played by Hugo Becker) in Paris, fulfilling her dreams of becoming royalty. The two went on to say “I do” in a luxe church ceremony in New York City, and in true Gossip Girl fashion, it was Blair's attire that stole the show. She walked down the aisle in a strapless A-line gown, featuring Chantilly lace and an oversized bow around the waist by Vera Wang, which came from the designer’s Fall 2010 bridal collection. “Blair Waldorf is an American princess, so for me, it had to be very tailored and very modern but also have a very classic kind of old-world sense to it,” costume designer Eric Damon explained to E! News. She also topped off her regal look with a glittering tiara and a diamond necklace.

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (4)

Next, after calling off her marriage to Prince Louis, Blair got her long-awaited happy ending with Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick) at the Bethesda Fountain in New York City’s Central Park. To no surprise, the socialite chose a colorful ensemble for her vow exchange: a long-sleeve, blue Elie Saab dress covered in beaded detailing and wrapped in a belt.

(Video) BLAIR WALDORF STYLE || Inspired Outfits from Seasons 1 to 6 + Style Analysis

“When I saw the Elie Saab dress finally chosen for Blair’s wedding to Chuck, it was absolutely perfect for her,” Daman explained to InStyle. “It needed to feel like old-world glamour meets contemporary high fashion. I liked the beautiful blue hue. It reminded me of the wedding dress Wallis Simpson wore during her scandalous wedding to the Duke of Windsor.” Since headbands were Blair’s signature look, the bride also accessorized with a silver headband that included a leaf motif by Jennifer Behr.

If you fell in love with one of Blair’s looks, we put together a roundup of similar replicas you can purchase for your own nuptials. Ahead, keep reading to find the best Blair Waldorf-inspired wedding dresses to make a statement at your ceremony.

The Most Memorable TV Wedding Dresses of All Time

Size: Contact retailer | Materials: Chantilly lace | Length: Floor-length

This Elie Saab number features the same Chantilly lace fabric and billowing silhouette that epitomizes Blair’s first dress. In this iteration, however, long sleeves replace the Gossip Girl character’s strapless neckline for an elegant style, one that's reminiscent of the influential ensemble Grace Kelly wore on her big day. If you’re hosting a classic or romantic affair at a church, estate, or chateau, this gown checks all the boxes.

Best Fit-and-Flare Style

Justin Alexander Daria Dress

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (6)

Size: Contact retailer | Materials: Lace, crepe, beading | Length: Floor-length

Are you looking for more of a sultry take on Blair’s gown? This fit-and-flare dress by Justin Alexander is perfect for brides who want to highlight their figure and accentuate their waist. If you’d prefer a pop of lace instead of an all-over design, this version is also great due to its sleek, crepe skirt. And to mirror Blair’s bare neckline, consider removing the detachable straps.

Most Glamorous

Bronx and Banco Mademoiselle Bridal Gown

(Video) Top 10 Gossip Girl Outfits We Want

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (7)

Size: XS-XL | Materials: Tulle, sequins | Length: Floor-length

If you’re envisioning a glamorous aesthetic for your nuptials, this duplicate from Bronx and Banco will fit the bill. Covered in pearls, beads, glitter, and sequins, this dress will match the surrounding décor while guaranteeing a dazzling entrance from you. Although this gown has the same neckline and silhouette as Blair’s, the semi-sheer fabric and corset top make it more risqué and arguably more attention-grabbing.

Best Floral Appliqués

Monique Lhuillier Versailles Dress

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (8)

Size: Contact retailer | Materials: Lace | Length: Floor-length

For a replica of Blair’s church ceremony gown that features even more frills, consider this Monique Lhuillier floral-embellished number. While the strapless, sweetheart neckline and A-line silhouette channel the character’s ensemble, the 3D blooms add a playful edge to the overall look.

Best Midi

Express Bridal Lace Strapless Sweetheart Dress

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (9)

View On Express.com

(Video) How to dress like BLAIR WALDORF from GOSSIP GIRL | Preppy Style Icons

Size: 0-14 | Materials: Lace | Length: Tea-length

This midi dress from Express is a more casual take on Blair’s ensemble. Although the design has most of the components that defined her ceremony look, the shorter hemline makes it a viable alternative for backyard or at-home weddings with a laid-back ambiance and intimate guest list.

Best Detail

Theia Odette Ombré Petal Dress

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (10)

Size: 0-16 | Materials: Tulle, sequins, embroidery | Length: Tea-length

While the blue gown Blair wore to marry Chuck definitely made an impression, this Theia design might just take the cake. Featuring colors and details that are just as striking as Blair’s, the floral-printed bodice and sequined skirt add even more decoration to the overall look. What's more, given the flutter sleeves, midi hemline, and V-neckline, this dress is a whimsical option for an effortlessly chic bride.

Most Modern

Lulus Light Blue Satin Dress

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (11)

Size: XS-XL | Materials: Satin | Length: Floor-length

Rather than long sleeves and a high neckline, this chic gown from Lulus includes details that are all on par with current fashion trends, including a cowl neck, spaghetti straps, and a thigh-high slit. Not only does this stylish slip dress suit modern or minimalist weddings, but it’s also an ideal choice for beach nuptials given the seaside-reminiscent shade.

Best for Garden Weddings

Shoshanna Short-Sleeve V-Neck Lace Maxi Dress

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (12)

(Video) Get the Look: Blair Waldorf Style & Inspired Outfits | by Erin Elizabeth

Size: 0-14 | Materials: Lace | Length: Floor-length

If you’re interested in a more subdued substitute to the socialite’s gown, swap the beaded embellishments for lace. Shoshanna offers this blue gown with all-over lace, one that's tailor-made for outdoor garden weddings during the warmer seasons.

Most Colorful

Mac Duggal Sequined High-Neck A-Line Gown

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (13)

Size: 2-18 | Materials: Organza, sequins | Length: Floor-length

While Blair’s second gown is known for its show-stopping hue, this dress from Mac Duggal delivers even more vibrancy. Though the base is a similar shade to the character’s getup, this duplication features additional purple, silver, and gold tones. With floral embroidery and cap sleeves, consider this number for warm-weather weddings.

Best Mini

Erdem Floral Sequin-Embellished Dress With Frill Hem

10 Blair Waldorf-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Statement-Making Look (14)

Size: 6-14 | Materials: Sequins | Length: Mini

Mini wedding dresses are having a moment in the bridal fashion space, and we love this Erdem iteration for a Blair-approved look. The high neckline, long sleeves, and sparkly accents are comparable to the character’s attire, while the short hemline adds a fun and modern edge. If you’re already set on your ceremony outfit, it also makes for a jaw-dropping after-party look.

15 Wedding Guest Dresses Inspired by Blake Lively’s Red Carpet Moments

(Video) Top 10 Serena & Blair Fashion Moments


What brand was Blair Waldorf's wedding dress? ›

In the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf wore a strapless version of Vera Wang's Esther gown for her royal wedding to Prince Louis. Vera Wang gowns are sold at The Bridal Salon at Saks Jandel.

How do I get the Blair Waldorf look? ›

Pick a wardrobe that incorporates schoolgirl attire and fun, elegant dresses. Do a minimal amount of makeup and let your hair hang down. Accessorize with scarves and hats inspired by Blair's appearance in the TV series. When you're done revamping your style, you'll have a look that says Blair Waldorf.

What is Blair Waldorf signature style? ›

Blair Waldorf Style. Blair's style is very classic, preppy, and polished. She always looks as if she stepped out of a department store window; her outfit is flawless, and she never has a hair out of place.

What is Blair Waldorf dress code? ›

Blair always wears dresses, skirts or shorts, often paired, as we noted, with bright tights. The pencil skirt is her favorite, as is the shift dress.

What is Blair Waldorf's favorite brand? ›

There's Finally a Reason to Dress Like Blair Waldorf (Again)

Whether she was attending a charity gala, walking around the Upper East Side, or just plain scheming in her palatial Manhattan residence, she were always decked out in the designer likes of Elie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, and Valentino.

Where did Blair Waldorf get her wedding dress? ›

The couple married in Central Park with the bride dressed in a light blue lace Elie Saab gown from the designer's spring 2012 couture collection.

What is the color of Blair Waldorf? ›

In the autumn and winter seasons, Blair is pretty consistent with her color palette. She wears lots of black, white, and red, especially at her high school and while she attends Yale University. Black, red, and white is a moody and dramatic color combination, just like our queen B.

What is Blair Waldorf's Favourite color? ›

In fact red is the colour of wrath and rage. It seems to be one of Blair's favourite colours: she has been wearing red accessories (headbands, socks, shoes, but mostly bags) since the very first episode, although the dominant colours of her outfits were others (blue and white).

What is Blair Waldorf weakness? ›

Blair is smart, but she's a bit stiff with people. Her insecurity gets the best of her in her relationships, and often resorts to underhanded tactics to get what she wants.

What jewelry does Blair Waldorf wear? ›

In addition to going OTT with the hair accessories, Blair is rarely spotted without her Tiffany & Co. Fleur de Lis Key Pendant necklace. She loves vintage style, and she's quite traditional, so it makes sense that she would have a signature, everyday jewelry piece that reminds her of New York City's posh heritage.

What is Blair Waldorf's favorite food? ›

Eat Pumpkin Pie

until it isn't anymore. The realization that her father, and his pumpkin pie, failed to make an appearance at Thanksgiving leads Blair to indulge in a binge and purge kind of night.

What religion is Blair Waldorf? ›

Blair Waldorf
SpouseTelevision: Charles "Chuck" Bass (husband) Prince Louis Grimaldi (ex-husband)
ChildrenTelevision: Henry Bass (son, with Chuck; flash-forward)
Alma materNew York University Columbia University
11 more rows

What are Blair Waldorf's favorite things? ›

Blair loves shopping at Barney's, Bendel's, and Bergdorf's. She and her father both love shoes, their favorite designer is Christian Louboutin. She loves Audrey Hepburn and her favorite movies are Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday.

What is Blair Waldorf's GPA? ›

She is too busy running her mother's company, arguing with her best friend/ frenemy, Serena, and untangling her twisted love life with Chuck Bass. Somehow, in the midst of her drama, Blair manages to land the best internship, maintain a 4.0 GPA for multiple seasons and run a multi-million dollar company.

Where does Blair Waldorf shop for clothes? ›

Blair only shops at the three B's: Barneys, Bendel's and Bergdorf. Unfortunately, since the show went off air, Barneys and Bendel's have both closed. But, you can still walk through this famous 5th Avenue department store. You might recognize Bergdorf from Sandra Bullock's shoplifting scene in Ocean's Eight (2018).

Who is Blair Waldorf's idol? ›

Not only does she share the same name as Blair's idol, Audrey Hepburn, and have a fashion-designer mother, but actress Emily Alyn Lind also bears a striking resemblance to OG Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester.

What is Blair Waldorf's favorite pastry? ›

Blair Waldorf – Rose Petal Macarons, Ladurée

Two crunchy, sassy cookie layers protecting a vulnerable, rose-flavored inside. Plus, it's no secret that she is a macaron lover, seeing as Chuck once flew to Paris just to buy them for her.

What was Blair Waldorf's favorite book? ›

1This I Remember by Eleanor Roosevelt 4.10 avg rating — 135 ratings score: 100, and 1 person voted
2The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton 3.96 avg rating — 163,380 ratings score: 99, and 1 person voted
3Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf 3.79 avg rating — 279,933 ratings score: 98, and 1 person voted
9 more rows
Dec 27, 2020

What flowers did Blair Waldorf have in her wedding? ›

Blair: They're my favorite flower. Princess Sophie: And they are very beautiful, but in our country a bride always walks with carnations. Blair: To the nearest florist and demands a refund. I'll be holding peonies.

How much did Blair Waldorf dowry cost? ›

onward and upward into the sunshine — If Blair's dowry cost 900 million, so it's safe to...

Does Blair have to pay the dowry? ›

After talking with Nate, Dan discovers that Chuck paid Blair's dowry and that's how she got her divorce. Dan later calls Blair and tells her Chuck was the one who paid her dowry, and is surprised that Blair didn't know.

Why does Blair wear ruby ring? ›

Unlike Chuck, since the first episode she wears a ruby-golden ring given to her by her father (x). It symbolizes their emotional link as it's a love, passion and devotion pledge. For the Indian's magic tradition the ruby is also linked to the Sun and its kindness, so it's also used as a protective shield.

What is Blair Waldorf's favorite painting? ›

Édouard Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe is featured in the episode and an artistic favorite of Blair when she visits Musée d'Orsay.

What did Blair Waldorf name her baby? ›

The unborn Child (surname: Grimaldi) of Blair and Louis died when her mother was involved in a car accident. Other than the miscarriage of her daughter, Blair was unharmed in the accident.

What is Blair Waldorf's favorite perfume? ›

Santa Maria Novella Acqua della Regina Eau de Cologne

In another, Blair namedrops Acqua di Colonia by Santa Maria Novella – the luxurious cult scent first created for the future queen of France, Caterina de'Medici, since renamed Acqua della Regina.

How old is Blair Waldorf supposed to be? ›

At the beginning of the series, the group is in high school, and Serena's date of birth is listed as July 14, 1991, meaning she was 16 when the events of Gossip Girl begin. In season 1, the group celebrates Blair's 17th birthday, which makes the ages of the rest way easier to follow.

What did Blair Waldorf suffer from? ›

Diagnosis. The diagnosis for Blair Waldorf fits most appropriately with Bulimia Nervosa (307.51). To be diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa, you must have the following characteristics: Recurrent episodes of binge eating.

What is Chuck Bass's full name? ›

Charles Bartholomew Bass is a fictional character in the novel and television series Gossip Girl. In the TV series, he is portrayed by English actor Ed Westwick.

What is a Blair personality? ›

Personality… domineering, manipulative, and loyal. Blair has it all, yet she wants even more. She's an obsessive overachiever with a shaky moral fiber, and she'll go to great lengths to get what she wants. She sees other females as rivals and barely even trusts her best friends.

What lip product does Blair Waldorf use? ›

Everyone initially assumed it was a Chanel Glossimer since Blair is using a Chanel compact, after all. But some people have been saying that it was actually the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop (P450), and they make a good case for it!

What does Blair Waldorf eat for breakfast? ›

If you want to feel like Blair Waldorf: Madeleine Cookies & Tea.

What cocktail does Blair Waldorf drink? ›

Blair LOVES Martinis, a widely known cocktail made from gin and vermouth and served with an olive or a lemon twist, in a special martini glass. As Blair notes to Jenny once, “This is a Gin Martini.

What chocolates does Blair Waldorf eat? ›

On the potentially worst day of her life, of all the stuff she can do to make herself feel better, Blair indulges in a bit of escapism with the prestigious Lady Godiva chocolates.

Was Blair Waldorf old money? ›

Blair Waldorf

According to the book series, her family was the original owner of the famous Waldorf-Astoria hotel. So, it's safe to say her father's side is very old money.

What brand was Carrie's wedding dress? ›

And Just Like That… Carrie Bradshaw Brings Back Her Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress. Cast your mind back to 2008, when Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw almost walked down the aisle in her distinctive wedding dress in the first Sex And The City movie.

Who designed the wedding dress in Gossip Girl? ›

Blair Waldorf marries Chuck Bass in an Elie Saab gown in the series finale.

Who made the wedding dress for Fifty Shades Freed? ›

It was announced (as we had suspected) that bridal and eveningwear maven Monique Lhuillier, who crafted Anastasia's sultry gold number and feathered cape for the masquerade scene in Fifty Shades Darker, was tasked with designing Dakota Johnson's character's wedding dress for Freed by costume designer Shay Cunliffe.

Who made Elle Kings wedding dress? ›

“America's Sweetheart” will soon be walking down the aisle in style thanks to a little help from Say Yes to the Dress. In July, Elle King dropped by the iconic N.Y.C. boutique Kleinfeld Bridal to track down a wedding gown, and PEOPLE was there for the filming of the episode, which will air Saturday on TLC.

How much did Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress cost? ›

Carrie's dress – $23,780. Christian Dior Gladiator heels with custom Swarovski crystal embellishment –$1000. Custom silk tulle veil with feather headpiece – $5000. Rehearsal dinner with three-course meal and alcohol for 30 guests – $8351.

Is Carrie's hair a wig on Carrie Diaries? ›

Throughout the entire series, not once is Carrie seen participating in a school class. Halfway through the first season, Anna Sophia Robb wore a wig to prevent damaging her hair from the constant curling. Then started wearing her natural hair when the second season started as they found a healthier way of doing it.

Is Carrie's dress white or pink? ›

Carrie insisted she would go to the prom, and that things were about to change for them. A seamstress, Carrie made herself a dress for the night. At prom night, Margaret approached Carrie, stating that she knew Carrie would wear "red", while her dress was actually pink.

Who is Blair Waldorf's maid? ›

Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) is more than just the Waldorfs' Polish maid on "Gossip Girl": She accomplishes the nigh-impossible task of keeping Blair Waldorf sane.

Who made Serena van der Woodsen wedding dress? ›

Serena van der Woodsen was a vision of beauty as maid of honour in her pastel pink one-shouldered gown from Vera Wang. The ruffled design and delicate corset bodice paired with a blossom flange skirt from the designer's spring 2011 collection, made for a stunning and unforgettable bridal party look.

Who made Blair's prom dress? ›

Designed by the show's costume designer, Eric Daman, this silver romantic gown was Blair's choice for her cotillion.

How did Jamie Dornan's wife react to Fifty Shades? ›

Jamie Dornan's wife Amelia Warner is reportedly not interested in watching Fifty Shades of Grey, and the reason seems understandable. According to an Entertainment Tonight report, the former actress did not want to see her husband getting intimate with someone else.

How much did the girl on Fifty Shades of Grey get paid? ›

Despite all the hype surrounding the first film, Dakota reportedly took home $250,000 for Fifty Shades of Grey. Which is obviously a lot of money in the world of, well, normal people—but it's a pretty small salary for an A-list star. (By comparison, Jennifer Lawrence made $25 million for her role in Don't Look Up.)

Who is the girl that keeps showing up in Fifty Shades Darker? ›

Leila Williams is a major antagonist in Fifty Shades Darker. She is the ex-lover of Christian Grey. She is based off of Victoria Sutherland. She was portrayed by Bella Heathcote.

Who made Tiffany Trump's wedding dress? ›

During the ceremony, Tiffany paid tribute to her new husband's heritage by wearing a wedding dress by the international Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab.

Who made Camilla Parker Bowles wedding dress? ›

Both ensembles were by Antonia Robinson and Anna Valentine, London designers who worked under the name Robinson Valentine, now solely called Anna Valentine. They reportedly wanted a "crisp clean look with subtle detailing" for the dress. The golden feathers were designed by Philip Treacy.

Who made Eugenie wedding dress? ›

The wedding dress of Princess Eugenie of York worn at her wedding to Jack Brooksbank on 12 October 2018 was designed by the British fashion designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos of British-based label Peter Pilotto.


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